10 Ways To Reduce Your Heating Bills

You might sometimes wonder if your furnace system runs all day in the winter. Keeping heating appliances on all day might not be affordable.

Technicians from Jomer Enterprises providing heating services in Copperas Cove, TX, have provided a list of essential hacks to maintain your heating bills.

Hacks That Will Prevent Your Heating Bill From Rising This Year

Maintain And Fix The Furnace Temperature

Running the furnace system at higher temperatures increases the electricity bills and the tendency to build repair issues that come with costly expenses. According to our HVAC contractor in Copperas Cove, TX, you save around 3-5% heating energy for every degree of temperature you turn down. So, it is better to keep your furnace system temperature around 78-77°F. 

Lower The Water Heater Temperature

You can also lower the water heater temperature to maximise savings. You will not notice, but a slight change in the temperature will help you save a significant amount of money.

Do Not Allow The Heat To Escape Away

The next point to keep in mind to save energy and money bills this year is you should not let the heat go away. Shut the doors and windows when the heating appliance operates to keep heat trapped in the interiors. Keep the ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen closed when they are not needed.

Use The Curtains To Heat The Room In The Daytime

According to our heating installation in Copperas Cove, TX, you should open the windows and doors to let the sunlight warm up the interiors in the daytime. Please ensure that you shut them in the night to prevent heat loss.

Fix The Air Leaks In The Duct System Or Your Home

Leakage in the ducts can cause the heat to escape, leaving your room cold and freezing. Call the experts for a quick inspection, and the technician will fix the air leaks with appropriate insulation.

Quick Tips that Can Help Maintain Heating Bills. 

According to our heating system repair in Copperas Cove, TXhere are some other tips that can help you save or maintain costs on your heating bill:

  • Clean the heating vents and ensure no furniture blocks them.
  • You can wear an extra layer of warm clothing to protect yourself from the cold. 
  • It is best to take some time out and inspect your furnace system weekly. Call Jomer Enterprises, a reputable HVAC contractor in Copperas Cove, TX, if you find something irregular or abnormal. 
  • Replace the air filter annually to reduce the dust in the system. A dirty and dusty air conditioning system needs more power to maintain efficiency and quality of service. 
  • Schedule annual maintenance to keep your heating system clean and tidy. The technician will tune up the settings to ensure it runs optimally.


One of the best ways to reduce and maintain your heating bills is by scheduling maintenance services from one the best heating installation providers in Copperas Cove, TX, Jomer Enterprises.

We will dispatch a professional and certified technician to deliver world-class quality services to your doorstep. Dial (254)542-4822 and schedule an appointment.

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