These Sounds Mean You Require an AC Repair

To continue cooling your home during a heat wave, you should have your air conditioner repaired as quickly as possible if it shows signs of malfunction. If you live in the area, contact HVAC contractors in Copperas Cove, TXfor service.

Noises Indicate That Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Serviced:

Noises coming from your AC can indicate major issues. Noises can come for various reasons, including wearing out your outdoor motor fans, your blower wheel malfunctioning, or, in older systems, the belt has become entirely undone. Get your air conditioner checked by a professional if you hear the following noises:

Squeaking Or Screaming Sounds

During the first startup of your air conditioner, especially in the spring, you may hear higher-pitched sounds. It is normal if your AC has just arrived from an AC company in Copperas Cove. We recommend arranging an AC tune-up before the start of spring, preventing costly repairs and ensuring that you have cool air throughout the summer.


If you hear a hissing noise, the air is leaking from somewhere in your system. Leaks in refrigerant can cause hissing sounds, which bubbling sounds may accompany if the refrigerant is bubbling out of the fault. Leaking valves can also create hissing sounds.

The Sounds Of Water Running

The sound of water bubbling will differ significantly from the sound of water dripping. It is likely due to a cracked or broken drain pipe that transports water from the air handler to the home’s exterior.

Even this can result in substantial damage to the equipment and the surrounding area, demanding the aid of a certified professional from an AC company in Copperas Cove for the repair process.

Sounds Similar To Screeching

An issue with the fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit is the most common cause of a screeching sound coming from an air conditioner. The central air conditioning system in your home is connected to a fan to remove heat from the refrigerant. If the fan motor in your air conditioner is malfunctioning and making a screaming sound, this indicates a problem.

Deterioration Of The Compressor Or The Fan Motor

If your air conditioner begins to make a crashing sound when it goes on, the issue is a malfunctioning compressor. Unfortunately, replacing a compressor can be very costly, so it is better to look for air conditioning services in Copperas Cove, TX.

Heavy Banging Sound

If your air conditioner begins generating unpleasant pounding noises, you should immediately disconnect the device’s power supply. The pounding sounds from the air conditioner’s compressor are probably causing the issue. Calling the services of an HVAC contractor in Copperas Cove, TX, is required in the event of banging sounds.


Your air conditioner may be making sounds and other alarming signals, which should be treated by a skilled professional as soon as possible. Contact Jormer Enterprises if you notice any noises from your air conditioner.

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